The Journey

Arriving at Moba

Yannick and Jean-Michel arrive at Moba… Still some time to wait before get out of the ship… and one more problem to fix before moving for Moba… Finally they arrived at Moba…

Road to the hotel where volunteers stay

The children welcome Yannick and Jean-Michel

After a little rest, the children welcome and meet Yannick and Jean-Michel… this moment compensates all the work done so far for this project…

Welcome song by the students
Welcome song
Yannich and Jean-Michel
The school playground
Teachers and PMI Volunteers
Teachers and PMI volunteers

Soeur Agathe and students welcoming the PMI volunteers
Parents committee
Words of thanks from Yannick Ngotinzo
Words of thanks from Jean-Michel Ntalemwa
Students listening
Selfie with students welcoming volunteers
Students coming to hear the volunteers

Project 1: build a tower, build a team (part 1)

For this project children are divided in teams, each team has one Project Manager.
They must build a tower only using few wooden sticks, few cups and a plastic bag… the tower must be as tallest as it can be and must have a cup on top… The tallest tower will win the challenge… Teamwork is essential to succeed… Let’s see what they did…

Project 2: Project Management skills for life (Part 3)

Today, before continuing working on the project, our tireless volunteers Yannick and Jean-Michel visited the ‘Centre Hospitalier de Kinkalata’ and the school technique AMIMO… it was part of the project to understand the needs of the hospital community, to be addressed may be in future projects…